Brand Philosophy

Maerich’s modular LED lights are innovatively designed to achieve optimal performance with small, yet powerful, aesthetically pleasing luminaires while providing versatility in options and applications, allowing architects and designers the freedom to bring their imagination in lighting into reality.

With many generations of industry knowledge and access to global resources, we employ the best people, skills and technologies in order to deliver our brand promise of innovation, creativity and reliability.

Maerich, small in size, big on power with infinite freedom.

Maerich – light differently.

Why Us?

Our products have been created from experience with the consumer in mind, a continual process in our mission for users of our products to be completely satisfied.

Innovative & Creative Engineering

Maerich’s modular system is innovatively and creatively designed to push the boundaries of what is technically possible to achieve optimal performance within the smallest form factor while being sensitive and focused on human centered solutions.

Exceptional Durability

Maerich uses only the most durable materials & finest branded components. We precision engineer our lights from premium metals – marine grade 316L stainless steel, solid copper & aircraft-grade aluminium.

Industry Leading Reliable Performance

Maerich products are designed to provide a high quality of light from low energy usage, an efficiency achieved by integrated design and use of quality LEDs and components.

All lights and driver/power supply products are tested by reputable agencies to ensure they meet International Safety Standards. They operate at full efficiency at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 45°C.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Maerich designs eliminates unnecessary screws, joints or curves and is highly polished to give our range a minimal, sleek and seamless aesthetic finish that will never date.

Inspirational Versatility

Maerich range offers versatile mounting accessories, colour temperature and power options to meet specific requirements and the demands of complex installations.

Technical Support

Our technical engineers are experienced in the latest technology therefore are well-equipped with the knowledge to provide all the technical support you need, both before and after sale.

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